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FYIMusician - Episode 1 

4.15.2020 | 5 min 

As an introduction to this video series, I will share a bit about how I arrived at music and began calling myself a "Musician." Early on there was music in my family, and over the years I branched out to find music out in the world. It has been a powerful way to develop a sense of self and also gain a sense of who I am as a musical person. FyiMusician is for anyone who is looking to identify with music on a personal level and share music within their community. I look forward to walking you through some key experiential that resulted from my work as a music therapist. 

FYIMusician - Musical Humming 

5.16.2020 | 12 min 

Musical humming is the first building block to finding your inner musician. As an expression that comes straight from the heart, humming has a unique ability to express our inner music without the need for prerequisite training or experience. In this episode, we will explore musical humming as a means for coping with anxiety and stress faced amid quarantine and social distancing amid COVID-19.

Rooftop Podcast w/ Eric Pierce

9.05.2020 | 50 min 

Eric Pierce is a Jazz Saxophone player who has been using music to discover his deeper self. His journey has taken him through many different genres and cultures. And now he defines "making it" as a musician as making an impact. We talk, we hum, he plays.

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